Fairy Wreath Builder

Fairy Wreath Builder

If you have never seen the Gina K Wreath Builder Star...let me introduce you to this wonderful little marvel!

The Wreath Builder Star allows you to perfectly align and center images you are stamping using a stamping platform, such as the Misti (carried at DelBello Designs).

You place your stamp on the door of the Misti, ink up the stamp and stamp your paper. Stop! Don’t take the stamp off the door, instead turn your paper lining it up inside the Star, 1/4, 1/2, or 1/8 turn. You can take it off when you’re ready to change it out for another stamp. You imagine it!


First stamped image.

Four stamped images, turning 1/4 turns. I have lined up my next stamp and will be turning 1/4 turns also.

Lining up my next image to stamp.

I’m going to add a few butterflies, but other than that I’m done stamping. You could keep stamping if you’d like, the possibilities are endless!

Completed project! Fun and easy!

Stamps used: Lavinia Moon Fairy, Silhouette Orchid, Butterflies, Whimsical Whisps, Foxglove, Group Poppies and Fairy Pods.
Stamping platform: Misti by My Sweet Petunia 

Wreath Builder Templates will be available @ DelBello Designs soon! Invest in some fun and creativity!,

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