Technique Tuesday***Super Easy! Rina’s Reverse Stencil

Technique Tuesday***Super Easy! Rina’s Reverse Stencil

If you have never watched a Rina K video... you should! She is simply entertaining! Gina of Gina K Design’s daughter is funny, amusing and quite crafty. Rina and her Mom did this technique and I fell in love with it. Just won’t believe how simple it is!!!

I am using Pink & Main Mermaid Tail Stencil (Found, Tim Holtz Distress Oxides (Found at, Catherine Pooler, Black Jet (Found at I'm also using a roll of washi tape to hold my paper and stencil in place.

I create the background blending Tim Holtz Distress Oxides.

I tape down the paper and the stencil.

Next, I start to blend black ink using my blending brush...YES, BLACK INK all over the stencil. Make sure to get good coverage.

Shazam!!! Look at that beauty. It’s as easy as that!

Be sure to clean your inky fingers and stencil! 😁😁😁

Del Bello's Design Team

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