Vivere la Vita Migliore

Vivere la Vita Migliore

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This was such a fun card to create even tho it took DAYS as I waited (im)patiently for the Derwent Metallic pencils. Patty now has or will soon have them in her shop, which will make it much easier for all of you!  The title in Italian of this card means, living the best life - that which I wanted to create for Zelith. 💜

To begin, the background was made by blending three inks from Ranger’s Distress Oxides: Dusty Concord, Shaded Lilac and Stormy Sky on to a 6x6 multifarious card. Two corners each of the purples with blue lightly added to the center of the card - this ends up giving the deep sea depth. 

I immediately played with the bokeh effect giving an ethereal quality to the scene - using a smoothie, differing circle sizes and Brilliance Moonlight White ink. Be light with your touch when creating these circles bc they come out much whiter than you’d think! Patty has the master for the circles in her shop and they’re available for you to order. Thanks Patty!

Next, I stamped the ocean floor with plants that I have - Zen Grass and Spanish Moss in first gen Versafine Clair Golden Meadow and first and second generation Morning Mist with first gen Tulip Red, respectively. Adding Sea Bubbles in Brilliance Moonlight White and Shoal of Fish in Nocturne to finish the background before adding the main star!

Stamping Zelith into place really brought this together for me.  Now, it was time for the details!

Here’s where the fun begins! I colored in the lower half of the Zen grass circles with Inktense Mustard - using a small watercolor brush and a tiny bit of water I allowed the Inktense color to open before my eyes!  Using a bit of water will help to keep the color within the lines!  I did the same with the Sea Bubbles using Inktense Antique White and Derwent Metallic Silver to color only a select few of these bubbles.


For Zelith, I used the Derwent Metallic Pink & Red. I used a bit of water, but decided that I preferred a shinier finish so kept that image free from water.  She’s really coming to life now!

Finishing touches included using a smoothie to finish the edge with Versafine Clair Monarch and Purple Delight moving into the ocean floor to create dimension (that was a lucky decision!).  Using a white Gelly Roll pen I added light to the fish heads and the plant tips and Zen Grass. I placed Deeper Than the Ocean in Nocturne to cover my mistake!  Can you see it?

Hope this helps you to create your own undersea world for our beautiful new mermaids!  Have fun, and I can’t wait to see your beautiful creations❣️

Happy Creating!

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Admin Support

The Del bello’s design company has all that I need for card making including the complete Lavinia stamp. Their shipments are super fast. I Will continue shopping with them.

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