Twilight Joy

Twilight Joy

To create the background I used Brushos: Yellow Ochre, Lime Green, Turquoise with Iridescent Violet SprinkleIt, and a water mister.  Judicious use of the Brushos powder is advised because you’ll find an explosion of color with just a small sprinkle.  I usually roll the card from side to side to distribute color over the whole card.  Just have a little play with it to determine what you like.


Next, I selected the Lavinia stamps that I’d use for this project creating a scene by placing Jaylar In Nocturne on two larger Foxglove in Purple Delight, stamped at angles to give the impression that she’s landed there to watch the Butterflies in Warm Breeze.  I then stamped Star Blossoms in Chianti and Spanish Moss in Golden Meadow.  This was a little backwards, but it’s here that I added the hills and mountains in the background using Warm Breeze and Golden Meadow.  I also added the sunset using an acetate moon and Golden Meadow with a touch of Verdant.  Finally, I stamped with Fairy Words in stamped off Glamorous.  I edged the card with Golden Meadow and barely kissed the edge with Warm Breeze.

I mounted the card on Hero Hues - Pesto before mixing and flicking Mica Minerals Gold over the whole card.  To enhance the magic I also used a clear Gelly Roll pen on Jaylar’s wings.


 Hope you have fun creating your personal masterpiece!!  

Del Bello's Design Team

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