Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Have you ever looked through your fall stamps and nothing inspires you? Take a walk outdoors and pick up some of the leaves that have fallen to the ground and use them as a stamp.

It has been raining here so I dried off the leaves I had picked up.  You want to use fresh leaves and not ones that have dried up.  
I knew that I wanted to use these stamps so I picked out Maple leaves to fit my stamps.
I cut white cardstock 5 1/2" by 6".  I arranged my leaves so I could get an idea on what I was doing.
I wanted  one of the fairies to be on the leaf.  I decided to try masking off the fairy before I embossed the leaf on the paper.  I put the paper in a stamping platform and lined up my fairy on the leaf and took the leaf out and stamped the fairy in Versafine Clair Nocturne ink.
I stamped the fairy again on masking paper and cut out around the fairy.  I peeled off the back and put it on the fairy on my paper so when I emboss the leaf it won't cover up the fairy.
I used  Brutus Monroe embossing ink but you can use any embossing ink.  I like the image from the front of the leaf so I embossed the front of the leaf including the stem.  I carefully turn the leaf over and placed it over the fairy.  I took a piece of copy paper and placed it over the leaf that is on my cardstock and used my fingers to rub over the leaf.  I made sure to press on the stem and all of the veins on the leaf.  Make sure that you press on the points of the leaf so they will be covered with the embossing powder. 
When you feel that you have pressed the leaf enough very carefully lift up the copy paper and the pick up the leaf from your cardstock.  I used white embossing powder but you can use any color you like.  I will show some leaves with colored embossing powder at the end of this.  Right before I turned on the heat gun I peeled of the masking paper because I was afraid that it would stick to the fairy if I embossed with it on.  I put the fairy mask on the backing so that I can use it again another day.
This is what it looked like with the fairy on the white leaf.  I embossed each leaf separately.  
This is what my cardstock looked like before I added Distress inks to it.
 I used a blending brush and when I applied the ink I didn't worry about going outside of the lines of the leaves.  I liked the affect of the color creating a glow around the leaves. When I was happy with the leaves I used different blues for the background.
Now its time to add the other fairies to the leaves.  I put it back into the stamping platform and figured out where to put the fairies.
It looked like it need more so I added the dragon and a simple saying.
I embellished the fairies wings with copper gel pen and added cool mint stickles to the wings.  I colored the lantern yellow and added white and orange gel pen for the hair.
When I was done I mounted it on black and then orange cardstock.
Here are the other leaves I embossed in different colors.  You can use all sorts of leaves not just maple leaves like I  used.
Del Bello's Design Team

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