Having Fun Creating Backgrounds with Watercolors, Salt and Alcohol

Having Fun Creating Backgrounds with Watercolors, Salt and Alcohol

I used watercolor paper.  I wet the paper lightly with a brush.

I used watercolor colors that I put on a paper plate and added water to them.

I painted on the wet paper while it was still wet.  I have rubbing alcohol in a small spritzer bottle and while it was still wet I sprayed the alcohol on the paper.  The watercolor must still be wet for you to get the effect of a frosty background.  Let it dry completely before stamping on it.

The next one I did was with salt.  I used regular table salt.  You can also use salt that is chunkier. You wet the watercolor paper and start painting with watercolors.  Before it dries you sprinkle the salt on.  If it is not giving the effect of snow you can lightly spray some water over it.  I let it dry and then used a brush to get the salt off it that did not dissolve.  

Here is the paper before it is completely dried.

This is what it looks like when it has completely dried.

I did this one with salt and alcohol.  I sprayed the alcohol first and then added the salt.

After they were dried I cut them and started stamping.

The stamps that I used are all from Lavinia Stamps.  I used Pipin, Skeleton Tree Scene, The Fairy Foragers and Fairy Fir Tree.

  I first stamped the tree.  I stamped the top of the tree using VersaFine Clair Green Oasis with my stamping platform.  Leaving the stamp on the stamping platform I then inked the tree trunk using VersaFine Clair Pinecone.  I took a piece of white cardstock that is the same width of the card and created a snowbank for the card by ripping the cardstock towards you.  I stamped Pipin on the snow bank from Lavinia Stamps.  When I lifted the top of the stamping platform the white paper moved so I decided to leave Pipin lightly stamped. I very lightly stamped on each side of the large tree and skeleton tree stamp. I wanted it to be faint and look far away.  If you look closely I put a moon behind the tree.  I cut out of acetate a circle and I put it over the tree.  I use white distress ink to outline the moon.   I wanted a gold star at the top of my tree so I looked through my dies to find a star to cut out from gold glitter paper.  I set the star on the paper so I could position where I could place my fairy that will be placing the star on the tree.  I stamped the fairy with VersaFine Clair Nocturne.  I stamped the other fairy by the tree and then glued on the star.  I used a red gel pen to put ornaments on the tree and then put Glossy Accents from Ranger over the red ornaments to add dimension.  For the fairies wings I used silver and gold gel pens and then carefully put Star Dust Stickles over the wings.  Be careful putting Stickles over gel pens because it will cause the ink to run.  I wanted a snow effect so I used a white gel pen on the branches of the tree and on the tree trunk.

I really like the effect from the salt.  Since we had a ton of snow last week I kept with a snow theme.  

The stamps that I used were Meadow Mushroom, Mini Pinecone, Snail Set and Snail Mini.

I stamped the mushroom using VersaFine Clair Monarch.  I stamped the snails using VersaFine Clair Glamorous and VersaFine Clair Green Oasis.  I used white cardstock that I tore for the snow banks.  I stamped the pinecone with VersaFine Clair Pinecone and then stamped the snail with VersaFine Clair Nocturne.  I glued the snow and then I embellished with gel pens.  The snails were not showing dimension so I dotted their bodies with a gold gel pen.  I want the shells to stand out and used gold and silver gel pens to draw the lines on the shells.  I used Glossy Accents from Ranger on the shells so they stand out.  I outlined the snails, mushrooms and pinecone with a white gel pen to give the effect of snow accumulating on them.  After doing that they seemed to pop off the page.  I used a light purple gel pen on the mushroom.

These backgrounds are a lot of fun to do.  I found that I wanted to keep creating tons of backgrounds.

Del Bello's Design Team

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