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Fauna Series "Stripes" A6 Stamp Set by Pink Ink Designs

1.2 oz

This beautifully illustrated, hand drawn Fauna Series "Stripes" A6 clear stamp set creates stunning results on a variety of craft projects. This stamp shows off the zebra's recognizable stripes wonderfully, with elements to add foliage and other decoration. Each stamp set comes with a main image and extra elements to make each design unique. Includes 1 main Zebra, 1 silhouette Zebra head, 1 decorative border, 1 bird, 1 plant, 3 decorative square shapes and 2 sentiments "NEVER LOOK BACK" and "DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS?". For use with an acrylic block.  Simply clean after use and return to carrier sheet for storage. Deep etched, quality photopolymer. Designed and made in the UK.

  • A6 stamp set:  4" x 6".

  • Full zebra measures 2.625" x 4.375".

  • Small zebra head measures 1.625" x 1.5".

  • 10 separate stamps.

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