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MIS-T Ruler by My Sweet Petunia

4.0 oz

Due to stringent Minimum Advertising Price policies by My Sweet Petunia, we must honor their pricing agreement. These products may not be offered at a disounted price.

Designed and sized for papercrafters, the My Sweet Petunia MIS-T Ruler includes both metric and imperial clear T rulers, with multiple units of measure, an inset steel ruler for cutting and a see through design that allows you to get perfect lines and cuts every time. Metal edge for cutting. Centering ruler on short and long side of T-square. Short side of the T-ruler is 5 inches. Long side is 6.25 inches.

  • Includes one metric T Ruler and one imperial T Ruler.

  • Metal edge for cutting.

  • Clear, see-through design.

  • 5" x 6.25".

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