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Pigma Micron Pens, Assorted Tips, Set of 6 by Sakura

7.0 oz

The Pigma Micron Pens are fine point drawing and writing pens offering a waterproof, quick drying pigment ink. Micron pens will not clog or dry out. Ink will not feather or bleed through even the thinnest papers and is smear proof once dry. The pigment in the ink remains colorful and will not spread when applied. It is fade proof against sunlight or UV light, and is permanent and washable on cotton fabrics. Archival Quality. Acid Free.

  • 6 assorted pens per set.

  • Black 005:  .20mm

  • Black 01:  .25mm

  • Black 02:  .30mm

  • Black 03:  .35mm

  • Black 05:  .45mm

  • Black 08:  .50mm.

  • Fine line.

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