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Brusho SprinkleIT by Colourcraft

Add some shimmer to your paintings, greeting cards, home décor, and mixed media projects with Brusho SprinkleIT.  Sprinkle the metallic and iridescent powders onto your project and spritz with water for a pretty, glittering look. 

Top Brusho Crystal Colors with SprinkleIT for endless combinations, or create unique stand-alone effects on black paper.  Add multiple layers of powder for a deep luster.


Brusho SprinkleIT, Iridescent Gold by Colourcraft
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0.8 oz
18 auf Lager
0.8 oz
Brusho SprinkleIT, Gold by Colourcraft
18 auf Lager
0.8 oz
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0.8 oz
Brusho SprinkleIT, Iridescent Violet by Colourcraft
27 auf Lager
0.8 oz
Brusho SprinkleIT, Copper by Colourcraft
19 auf Lager
0.8 oz