Pastels by PanPastel

PanPastel Colors are professional artist-quality soft pastel colors packed into a unique, “cake-like” pan. The special qualities of PanPastel Colors mean that artists can blend and apply dry colors like they’re applying fluid paint.

All PanPastel Colors are made using a unique manufacturing process that requires a minimal amount of binders and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra-soft, super blend-able colors.

Each PanPastel Color is loaded with artist-quality pigments for the most concentrated colors possible. Each pastel has excellent lightfastness and is fully erasable. Uniquely, PanPastels can also be mixed together to create a complete painting palette

Each pan contains 0.30 fl oz (9 ml) of color — 40% more material than the average hard pastel or soft pastel stick (based upon a survey of leading brands), yielding at least 4–5 times more coverage than sticks. They’re packed in a convenient format that protects the colors, keeping them separate and clean in the studio and during transport. The pans thread securely, making it easy to store and organize the colors, and minimizing the amount of storage space required.

Available in a variety of specially selected PanPastel Sets, these unique pastels offer many advantages: they eliminate preparation time; they require no solvents, water, or other mediums; they’re erasable but won’t harm thin papers; they’re compatible with other artist’s media; they won’t cause buckling or bleed-through; and they create a cleaner, more pleasant working environment because of their low-dust formula. PanPastel palettes help you organize your colors and your studio.

Sofft Tools and Applicators

Sofft Tools is a range of contemporary tools for arts and crafts developed specifically for use with PanPastel Colors.

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