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Sassy Sentiments A6 Stamp Set by The Rabbit Hole Designs

1.0 oz

Sassy Sentiments A6 Stamp Set. 

    • Stamp sheet measures approximately 4" x 6".

    • Deeply etched, clear photopolymer stamps for precise placement.

    • Made in the USA.

    • Stamp set includes a hashtag stamp plus 22 sentiments:

    1. Back off, Monday, I have glitter and know how to use it! 
    2. Life is too short to be normal, stay weird my friend.
    3. Calm down, we can make it look like an accident!
    4. Happy 29th birthday from your 110 pound friend.
    5. Step aside politeness, this is a job for f-bombs.
    6. Adulting optional.
    7. Here, hold my beer.
    8. Chocolate doesn't ask skill questions, chocolate understands.
    9. It seemed like a good idea.
    10. Maybe swearing will help.
    11. Every group has that one friend, you're her.
    12. Friends make it easy to believe in yourself.
    13. Thank you for showing up with duct tape, a shovel, bail money and an alibi.
    14. A good friend bails you out, a best friend is in the same cell with you.
    15. Miss your face.
    16. Awesome-AF.
    17. Beyotch.
    18. Thanks, I think.
    19. Heifer.
    20. Stalked ya 'til you liked me.
    21. You got this.
    22. Google it.

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