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Bitty Bunny Blending Brush with Storage Tube by The Rabbit Hole Designs

0.9 oz

Bitty Bunny Blending Brush with Storage Tube. 

      • Features a smaller 3/8 inch brush width to achieve amazing detail in all your craft projects.

      • Smooth, slim handle for comfort.

      • Dense nylon bristles give smooth blending for a seamless look.

      • Comes packaged in sturdy cardboard tubes for storage. 

      • Bright white matte storage end cap is perfect for swatching colors to help identify your brush.

      • Don't want to store them in the tube? No problem! Each brush has a nylon cord at the end for hanging on a hook or carabiner.

Easy to clean by hand with gentle soap and water. It is recommend after washing that you leave them to air dry.

Please note that some staining to the brush heads will occur with repeated use. This does not in any way hinder the brush's ability to do its intended job.

It is recommend using one brush per color family so as to keep any ink transfer to a minimum.

It is not recommend to use solvents, alcohol-based or pigment-based inks with these brushes as they will be very difficult to clean and dry, and can stain the brush heads permanently.

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