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Sassy Birthday A6 Stamp Set by The Rabbit Hole Designs

1.0 oz

Sassy Birthday A6 Stamp Set. 

    • Stamp sheet measures approximately 4" x 6".

    • Deeply etched, clear photopolymer stamps for precise placement.

    • Made in the USA.

    • Stamp set includes 13 sentiments:

    1. Happy Birthday to the family member I'm least ashamed to be related to. 
    2. Don't get all weird about getting older, it's merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you.
    3. At least you're not as old as you will be next year.
    4. Welcome to the 29 years old forever club.
    5. You are officially "Looks good for your age" old.
    6. Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.
    7. This is your annual reminder that I'm glad you were born.
    8. Fingers crossed that you forgot your birthday also!
    9. Birthday cake for breakfast is perfectly acceptable on your birthday.
    10. Let's face it, you're not getting any younger.
    11. Getting this birthday card is like being rewarded for not dying.
    12. How old you are is the new 30.
    13. Look, I'm not saying you're old, but if you were milk I'd sniff you first.

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