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Wee Folk Series "Doctor Mouse" A7 Stamp Set by Pink Ink Designs

1.0 oz

This beautifully illustrated, hand drawn Wee Folk Series "Doctor Mouse" A7 clear stamp set creates stunning results on a variety of craft projects. Doctor Mouse looks like a very understanding Doctor and will be checking all those notes on their clipboard very carefully to make sure you get better very soon. The set includes a separate stethoscope, heart and a cheeky ‘Bend Over’ sentiment.  Lot's of fun to color with whatever your favorite medium may be.  All of the Wee Folk Series work brilliantly together. These stamps can be used with all sorts of mediums including paper, card, mdf, etc. One doctor mouse, one heart, one stethoscope and one ‘Bend Over’ sentiment. 

  • A7 stamp set:  3" x 4".

  • Mouse measures 2" x 3.375".

  • 4 separate stamps.

€6,95 EUR
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