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Full Catalog of Art Glitter Products

Tried and true, we have found this brand of adhesive to be the best on the market for paper crafts.  Dries clear and doesn't warp paper!

Note:  this item does not ship during freezing temperatures. Be sure to stock up during warmer months!


Product type
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, 4 ounces by Art Institute Glitter
1 in stock
6.0 oz
Ultrafine Metal Tip by Art Glitter
5 in stock
0.1 oz
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive Refill, 8 ounces by Art Glitter
10 in stock
12.0 oz
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive Refill, 16 ounces by Art Glitter
3 in stock
18.0 oz