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Full Catalog of Sizzix Products

From time to time, we bring in complementing product lines for a limited time to enhance your creativity.


Product type
Clear Dimensional Domes, 2", 8 Pack by Sizzix
4 in stock
1.2 oz
Effectz Dimensional Paste, White by Sizzix
20 in stock
9.5 oz
Clear Dimensional Domes, 2.5", 6 Pack by Sizzix
17 in stock
3.0 oz
Clear Dimensional Domes, Egg/Balloon, 2" x 3", 6 Pack by Sizzix
16 in stock
1.3 oz
Effectz Expand Paste, White by Sizzix
18 in stock
6.5 oz
Blending Tool Head with Replacement Sponges by Sizzix
27 in stock
0.8 oz
Effectz Multi-Tool Set by Sizzix
18 in stock
3.6 oz
Effectz 3D Adhesive, 100ml by Sizzix
10 in stock
9.5 oz