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Cottontail Embossing Powder Tool by The Rabbit Hole Designs

1.5 oz

The Cottontail Embossing Powder Tool was designed to combat and help eliminate all the failings of the current methods available to crafters now by the following:

      • Touchless delivery method via nylon bristles and palm-sized applicator.

      • Easy to use and store away when not in use.

      • Cap stays secure and is easy to attach.

      • Bigger surface area of brush head means more complete coverage

      • Density (number) of nylon bristles mean less anti-static powder left behind on paper before applying embossing powder, thus helping to eliminate pollution to the embossing powder that is poured back into container(s) after application.

      • Comes empty with an enclosed bottle of anti-static  powder. Use The Rabbit Hole Designs' anti-static powder or use the powder of your choice. Their anti-static powder is recommend which consists of "Cosmetic Grade Kaolin Clay".  Avoid using cornstarch as it is, by nature, a thickening agent.

      • Cottontail Powder Refill can be found here


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