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84 in stock
1.9 oz
Quickie Glue Roller Pen by Sakura
10 in stock
0.3 oz
Stickles Diamond Glitter Glue by Ranger
20 in stock
1.0 oz
Removable Pixie Spray for Stencils by iCraft
14 in stock
6.0 oz
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, 4 ounces by Art Institute Glitter
1 in stock
6.0 oz
Adhesive Eraser XL by iCraft
24 in stock
1.2 oz
Ultrafine Metal Tip by Art Glitter
3 in stock
0.1 oz
Bonding Powder by WOW!
17 in stock
0.6 oz
Quickie Glue Roller Pens, 6 Pack by Sakura
6 in stock
2.1 oz
Ultra Bond Adhesive, 6 oz by iCraft
11 in stock
7.7 oz
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive Refill, 8 ounces by Art Glitter
10 in stock
12.0 oz
Ultra Bond Ultra Fine Metal Tips, 2 Pack by iCraft
11 in stock
0.2 oz
Double Thick Crystal Clear Foam Tape, 12mm by The Rabbit Hole Designs
6 in stock
14.7 oz
Masking Tape, Purple by Duck
Sold Out
2.4 oz
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive Refill, 16 ounces by Art Glitter
3 in stock
18.0 oz
Washi Tape, Belle Fleur, 2 Pack, by Craft Consortium
16 in stock
1.1 oz
16 in stock
10.0 oz
Multi Purpose Craft Adhesive, 4.25 ounces by That's Crafty!
13 in stock
6.0 oz