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Essential Tool Kit by Sweet Poppy Stencils

9.0 oz

The Essential Tool Kit is a must-have when using Sweet Poppy stencils. The metal spreader, coupled with the magnet sheet, pulls the card nice and flat to the stencil.  A few strips of the low tack tape and hey, presto, ready to go. The tape is low tack and easily removed without the frustration of tearing your project. As a result of using the correct tools, you will find it easier to get great results. Be sure to watch the video below to see how to set up your stencil.

  • Kit includes the following:  (1) Sweet Poppy spreader,  (2) low tack stencil tapes .93" x .82' (23.6mm x 25m) and  (1) A5 magnetic sheet.


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