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Hare Circle Stencil by Sweet Poppy Stencils

4.5 oz

Hare Circle stainless steel stencil. This elegant Hare Circle is a stunning design that will create a statement in any craft discipline. Just by using dimensional paste will give you an extra dimension to your project and bring this beautiful Hare Circle to life. Or simply just by inking through the stencil and applying translucent dimensional paste will give you a completely new design to frame as a focal point or to gift it as a card or keepsake. Try a little sparkle or sheen by sprinkling glitter over the paste or a little mica powder. All these techniques are on the YouTube channel “Sweet Poppy Stencils”. License & image by Tracey Dutton/Lavinia Stamps.

  • Stencil (circular cut-out) measures approximately 5.12" (140mm) round.

€14,95 EUR
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