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Fluff It Paste, 50ml, by Pink Ink Designs

3.1 oz

The Fluff It Paste has been specially formulated to create a firm, dimensional, textured finish for craft projects. The paste has been formulated so that it can easily be applied to any non-primed surface using a spatula, sponge, brush or brayer. Gently heat with a heat tool and watch the magic as it fluffs up. The textures will vary depending on the thickness of application, method used to apply and the surface it has been applied to. Use multi-surface paint on the heated paste to add color. Or try mixing mica powder to the paste before application and watch the color appear. Perfect to use on fabric, card, paper, MDF and many other substrates. Can be hand washed on fabric. Made in the UK. Comes in a 50 ml pot.

  • 50ml (1.7 fl oz).

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