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Acrylic Pegs by Card-io

Majestix Clear Pegs are designed to be used with Majestix Clear Peg Stamp Sets or any other cling miniature stamps. They are simple,  quick and effective offering complete versatility and ease of stamping due to their elegant, ergonomic design. They come in sets of coordinated images and can be used to build up beautiful multicolored backgrounds, borders, garlands, wreaths etc., enabling the crafter to coordinate everything they do from handmade greeting cards, wedding stationary, scrapbook pages, card inserts, envelopes or gift tags for your special occasion.


Product type
Product rating count
Acrylic Peg, Shorty 30mm Diameter by Card-io
0.9 oz
Acrylic Peg, 20mm Diameter by Card-io
1.0 oz
Acrylic Peg, 25mm Diameter by Card-io
1.8 oz
Acrylic Peg, 12mm Diameter by Card-io
0.3 oz