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My Lavinia Stamps Collection Inventory Forms

We have created a PDF file listing all of the current Lavinia Stamps in SKU order, including the name of each stamp, as well as in alphabetical order.  Several retired stamps are listed, as well.  Effective July 10th, 2023, we are offering the PDF file for $2.00 as a courtesy to our loyal customers with a minimum purchase of Lavinia Stamps (stamps only qualify) in the amount of $50.00 from our shop.  Please know the file will not be emailed unless the minimum requirements are met.  You may also purchase a hard copy and the printed forms will be included with your order.

Each layout enables you to check off your Lavinia Stamps to help you keep track of the stamps you have, maintain an organized Wish List and prevent you from purchasing stamps you already have!  Simply add this item to your cart and you will be emailed the PDF file so that you may print the forms for your personal use.  Please make sure you have a customer account, including your email address and a valid phone number.

It is strictly against our policy to share this file with others as it was timely to create and is timely to keep it updated with new releases.  After each new Lavinia Stamps release, an updated file will be available so that you may add the item to your next order to receive the updated lists. Minimum purchase requirements must be met for updates. Unfortunately, we can’t keep track of automatically issuing updated lists each time.  

If you have older, retired stamps that you would like added to the forms, please email us the SKUs and name of stamps and we'll gladly accommodate the forms to suit your needs!

Disclaimer:  We reserve the right to cancel this item, at our sole discretion, if minimum purchase requirement is not met or we believe the documents are to be used in other ways as intended.


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My Lavinia Stamps Collection Inventory Forms PDF File Version 05.14.2024
My Lavinia Stamps Collection Inventory Forms Printed Copy Version 05.14.2024
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