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Circles Galore Stencil by Del Bello's Designs

SKU: CG912
4.3 oz

This Circles Galore Stencil is a handcrafted stencil created by Del Bello's Designs. It's perfect for creating different sizes of moons, orbs and using the Bokeh technique! You have the option to use the cut out circles of film for masking as well as the full page for stenciling! The 1/8" and 1/4" circles are too small for cut-out masks  but the holes are cut in the clear film for those much needed very small circles. The sizes are written on the cut-out masks as well as on the full sheet with permanent ink.  It is advised not to use alcohol to clean as this may remove the ink. The stencil/masks are made from 7.5 mil mylar which is the best, most heavy duty stencil material.

  • Stencil measures:

    • 9" x 12".

    • Made from 7.5 mil heavy duty mylar.

    • Made in the USA.

    $18.95 USD
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