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Mica Powder, Damson Delight Jewel Tone by Sweet Poppy Stencils

1.1 oz

Note: The Mica Powders by Sweet Poppy Stencils do not contain a binding agent. The Mica Gum by Sweet Poppy Stencils is required to mix with this Mica Powders which can be found here.

The Damson Delight Jewel Tone Mica Powder is part of the brand new collection to the Sweet Poppy Stencils Mica Powders. These jewel tones Mica powders still give you the luxurious lustre but have an extra added sparkle to them and are eco friendly. Just watch Sweet Poppy's YouTube channel to see how versatile the cosmetic range of mica powders are. Simply adding a little to some dimensional paste will give you a brilliant pearlescent coloured paste. Why not paint with the mica powders just by adding a little mica gum located here, and this will give you a beautiful pearl paint. Lastly, if you have a spritzer bottle, place some mica into it add a little water,  a little mica gum and you have a coloured mister.

  • 15 gram pot.

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