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Faux Water Color

Faux Water Color

Items used in this project.

I like to use hot press water color paper just because it is smoother.  Stamping is easier.  Although, I do use cold press at times if I want rougher images.


For the final touches I used these products.

For each of the distress oxide inks follow this procedure.

Press the ink on to your work surface( I am using a glass mat).  Spritz with water.  The more water you use, the more movement will be on the paper.  Use a thicker paint brush and dip in to the ink.  Spread the ink on to the water color paper.  You can spritz the paper with more water.  This will move the paint around.  When your are happy with the placement of the ink, dry the area with a heat tool.

You can see here the first layer.  Continue adding the same color until you are happy, drying in between each layer.  Add each distress oxide color in the same manner. Remember to dry each layer!

Here you see all of the distress colors that I added.

Using a stamp platform( or a stamp block) and your first stamp, apply the distress ink directly to the stamp.  Spritz the stamp with water(a light amount of water) and stamp the card.

Here you can see the watery image.  More water = lighter shades of the color.  You can stamp it several times to adjust the color to your liking.  Continue in this manner with each stamp and ink to create your own design.

Make sure the card is completely dry. Then continue stamping the images and sentiment using VersaFine Clair inks.  As you see, I matted  each piece on black card


Using the black Posca pen and the gold acrylic paint, I added some spots of paint for added interest.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the process I used.  I sure hope you give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to look! 

Del Bello's Design Team
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Sweet Poppy Two for One

Sweet Poppy Two for One

The supplies you will need:

A premade background piece and a plain piece of card( water color, Multifarious, or a heavy weight plain card)

Distress Ink in the color of your choice

A blending tool of your choice

A Sweet Poppy stencil of your choice

A spray water bottle


Apply the ink through the stencil on to the premade background piece.  .  Do not clean the ink from the stencil!

Move the stencil away from your work area.  Spray the stencil with water.  Lay the stencil water side down on to your plain piece of paper.  Allow the stencil to remain on the paper for about a minute.  Remove the stencil and clean it!


Allow the card to dry naturally or with a heat tool.

You now have 2 cards ready to be decorated as you would like!

Thanks for taking the time to look a this technique.  I hope you give it a try!

Del Bello's Design Team
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Stamping on Photo Paper

Stamping on Photo Paper

This is a learning process. There are a few variants.  The type of photo paper you use may make a difference, you just have to try different types till you find what works best for you.  My photo paper is HP.  It is very old.  I used Distress Inks here.  I have also used the oxides with great results.  For me, if the humidity level and the dew point levels are high, I have to allow the stamping ink (Versafine Clair is what I used) time to dry.  Sometimes I have waited until the next day for it to dry completely.


I always start with the lightest color.  Smoosh the ink onto your work surface and spritz with water.  Dip the photo paper into the ink as much as you want(shiny side into the ink). You have to dry the ink with a low level heat from a heat tool or hair dryer.  You must dry each layer.


Repeat this step with each color of ink.  Remember to dry between each layer and each color.  You can continue adding layers and colors until you are happy!

I added one more layer.

Satisfied now....on to the stamping!

Let me try to explain this picture!  I learned the hard way for this step.  Using a stamp platform is definitely easier, otherwise the stamp slips easily.  I have learned to place a scrap piece of paper over the photo paper for aligning the stamp.  Otherwise, the stamp sticks terribly to the photo paper.  Once I have the stamp placed properly, I use the Versafine Clair Nocturne Ink.  Another thing I learned the hard way,  make sure your ink pad is very wet!  Stamp quickly, do not let the stamp rest on the photo paper(you will end up peeling the ink right off...ask me how I know!). 



Continue adding stamps to create your scene.  I was able to use a smoothie to make the ground.  Posca pens work great on photo paper.  Areas that were missing ink I was able to fill in with the black pen.  I embellished with the other pens by adding dots here and there.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this tutorial. I hope you are inspired to give this a try!

Del Bello's Design Team
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Unwanted Backgrounds

Unwanted Backgrounds

I did not like this whole background. So I decided to cut it into pieces.  I saw this technique on line late last year.  I do not know who did this so I can not give the proper credit.  

I trimmed this back ground card to 4 3/4" x 4 3/4".  It will be mounted onto a 5" navy blue card base.

Here is the 5" card base in navy blue.  I always begin on the left side with the first strip. The first strip is 1" x 4 1/2".  Do Not Adhere any pieces  until the very end.

The next strip is measured at 1" x 3 1/2".  I find it easier to place these two strips first.  It helps with the placement of the remaining pieces.


The third piece measures 2" x 2 3/8".

This fourth piece measures 1 3/8" x 1 3/4".


This last piece measures 1 3/8" x 1 1/2".  Lay each piece on to the card with even spacing.  Adhere pieces starting with the first piece.  Follow the order as described for even placement.  For me I wanted to keep the pattern of the background.  You could cut pieces differently to achieve and abstract version.

Last step is to find stamps to fit each section.  Here are the ones I used along with the ink color.

Flutterbies/ Versafine Clair ink in Blue Belle

Lavender/ Versafine Clair ink in Chianti

Jiminy/ Versafine Clair ink in Rain Forest

Flower Fairy/ Versafine Clair ink in Nocturne

Nigela Damascena/ Versfine Clair ink in Monarch

I used a white and metallic blue Uni Ball Signo pen for highlights.  For the wings I used water color markers in blue and yellow.  For the grounding I use General's Sketch &Wash pencil #588.  Once applied, I used a small paint brush and water to move the pencil marks.  Finally I added a tiny bit of clear glitter gel pen from Sakura on Jiminy.

Keep in mind that the measurements I used were for this specific card.  You can cut these pieces into any size you want.  You will just have to play with the placement so that it is even.  

Thanks for taking the time to look!

Del Bello's Design Team
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Recycled Tins and Lavinia Stamps

Recycled Tins and Lavinia Stamps

Use any small tin that you like.  Using a piece of card, trace an outline of the outside and inside of the tin.

I covered the tin with a coat of white Gesso. This step can be skipped if your aer OK with the color of your tin.  By applying Gesso, you will be able to ink or paint the tin as you wish.


Using the pattern I created from card stock, I traced, cut out and decorated each panel.  I used various distress oxide inks and water here. Using the the Lavinia stamps from Tree Scene, I added these for the background. 

Using the smallest Lavinia stamps that I had (Tree Scene, Pippin ,Fir Tree 1,Fir Tree 2,Wild Hare Set) I stamped and fussy cut each one.

Now the fun begins...start by placing your panels in/on the tin.  I used just regular craft glue.  You could always use sticky dots for added adhesion.  Build your scene as you like.

Just have fun with this step.

I used Dr. Ph Martin's ink to add splatters.

I inked the edges at this point using a smoothy and some Versafine Clair Ink in  Twilight.

Add interest with what you have.  I used some Spanish moss, sheet moss, small pebbles and mini pine cones.  Use your imagination and see what you have outside!

Here is another tin I used for another project.  These stand easily on their own.  Hope you enjoyed seeing these.  My inspiration came from a video Jo Rice did  this Winter.
Del Bello's Design Team
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Combining Lavinia and Sweet Poppy Products

Combining Lavinia and Sweet Poppy Products

Using Sweet Poppy Tape( best low tack tape I have used), adhere card to work area.  Make sure the tape is even and pressed firmly on the card.

Blend Elements Ink in Sundance using a smoothy or blending tool of choice.    Remove the tape, and using the Lavinia Feather Leaf stencil and a smoothy, I applied a heavier coat of the Sundance ink to the entire card.

Using the Sweet Poppy Daffodil stencil along with Versafine Clair ink in Nocturne and a smoothie, I applied the ink through the stencil. You may want to use the Sweet Poppy tape around the stencil so the black ink doesn't get on the card edges.

For the sentiment I used Versafine Clair ink in Morning Mist, and the Spring stamp from Sweet Poppy.

Finally, I layered the sentiment , adhered this to the card, and added some yellow Nuvo drops for added dimension.

Thank you for looking at my blog.  Please ask questions and post your work on our Facebook page!

Del Bello's Design Team
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Here's to a Better Start/Salt and Pepper Technique

Here's to a Better Start/Salt and Pepper Technique

Use water color paper(3 3/4" x 9 1/4") and add water heavily to both sides of paper with brush.  By adding to both sides the paper will not warp initially.


You will now add water colors of your choice. The more paint you use, the more color you will get. Once you add all the colors , sprinkle heavily with salt and pepper.  Any salt and pepper will do.  The chunkier the pieces the more dramatic the results.

The top piece I have shown with salt and pepper.  The bottom piece is without so that you can see a comparison.

I place the pieces on a cookie sheet with a paper towel to catch the run off moisture.  Let this sit over night or until completely dry.  The longer it sets, the better the marbling effect will be.

This is completely dried.

Remove the salt and pepper by brushing it off with a paper towel.  You may end up sneezing!  Look at the difference.  The pepper creates those dark effects while the salt almost bleaches the color. Now decorate as you wish!


The finished salt and pepper card. 


Stamps from Nellie's Choice ( Tree 1, Birds, Cosily Snowy Cottage, Christmas Fir Tree)  Stamping done in first and second generations.

Inks: Versafine Clair Nocturne, Morning Mist, Twilight, and Monarch

Additional supplies: Sakura Jelly Roll Pens in white and clear(for highlighting and the snow) 

Dr. Ph Martin's bleed proof white paint and a small pant brush(for snow splatters) 

Smoothie for adding ink to the edge of the card

This is the card without the salt and pepper.  It is so much more vibrant!


Stamps: Nellie's Choice (Scene with Stream and Bridge, Sun, Christmas Fir Tree)  Stamping done first and second generation.

Inks: Versafine Clair ( Nocturne, Morning Mist)  Brilliance ink in Moonlight White

Additional supplies: White Charcoal pencil (shading the sun) General's Sketch and Wash pencil( all other shading) Sakura Jelly Roll Pens in White and Clear  (for highlighting and snow) Black fine line marker (defining areas)  Smoothie (kissing the edges of the card)

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Here is an additional piece of information to help you to create slim line cards.
Del Bello's Design Team
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Fall Has Arrived with a New Background

Fall Has Arrived with a New Background

I began by using a homemade stencil and mask from a scrap of acetate.



After adhering the stencil to the card base, I used the mask to make the different sections.  I am using various colors of Distress Oxide ink and blending brushes.

Here you will see one sections complete.  Line the mask up evenly and proceed making sections.  These can be any size.


Continue with the sections spacing evenly.

Repeat the process with the various inks.   Blend them together lightly.

Fill in the entire open section.  The key is to take your time and space evenly.

Using Versafine Clair Inks I added the stamps.

The mini pine cone was added to fill in areas. I used first and second  generation stamping.

Now for some leaves.

To help balance this card I added the owl.

To give the card more interest I added some words by stamping second and third generation.

I softened the edges by inking with a smoothy.

Final touches was to simply add a few Nuvo Drops for dimension and interest along with some highlights with the Posca paint pen.

Thank you for taking the time to follow along!

Del Bello's Design Team
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Summer's Sweet Berries

Summer's Sweet Berries

Starting with the Gina K Wreath Builder Template 4" size and my Misti,

then using a 4" square piece of the Brutus Monroe Not Your Mama's cardstock, the Leaf 1 Mini and Mini Leaf 5, I stamped with Versafine Clair Shady Lane and Rain Forest creating the base of the wreath.

I next added the Mini Berry stamp in Medieval Blue Versafine Clair ink and the Mini Branch stamp in Versafine Clair Pinecone ink.

I decided to add another layer of leaves using the Versafine Clair Shady Lane ink.

I stamped Rue in the center of the wreath with Versafine Clair Nocturne. I also embossed everything that was still wet with Hero Arts Clear Embossing Powder. (I used my Wagner Heat tool.)

Using the smoothie and a combination of the Versafine Clair Shady Lane and Rain Forest inks, I blended around the edge.

I mounting the card onto a 4 1/4" square of black cardstock with Art Glitter glue. I cut a piece of the Brutus Monroe Not Your Mama's Cardstock 5" x 10" and scored at 5".  Using the See a Fairy Make a Wish stamp, Versafine Clair Medieval Blue ink, I inked the front of the card.

The edges were inked with Versafine Clair Shady Lane ink and a smoothie.

I used the Sakura white Gelly pen, Art Glitter Glue, and Spin It XFine Glitter in Lilac Blossom to add highlights and interest.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog post!  I hope you enjoyed this and found some inspiration.  Now go and enjoy some of the summer berries!

Del Bello's Design Team
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What to do on Wednesday!

What to do on Wednesday!

What to do on Wednesday? Using the Black Matte Alcohol Ink Cardstock, a can of compressed air, and some alcohol inks you can make a unique design! Follow along....

You must always start with a fixative alcohol ink since you will be working on black.  I used the Snow Cap fixative ink.  I placed a few drops of ink first, added a few drops of 91% alcohol (I have found out I have more success with over the blending solution on this black cardstock) then carefully and slowly blew the air in the direction I wanted to form the flower petals.  I wish I could find the video that inspired me, but I can't!!

The next step is to add some color to the flowers.  I added just a few drops of color along with a few drops of alcohol and blew it gently.  I repeated the process till I was satisfied.

I added stems easily with the white fixative ink. Placing a few drops of ink and alcohol on to my glass mat, I used a silicone spatula to create the stems and leaves.

I used the Fairy Words stamp to add some interest to the background.  I placed several drops of the Snow Cap fixative ink and alcohol onto my glass mat, smeared the stamp through the ink and placed on to the cardstock.  You must work quickly since the alcohol ink dries fast!  Clean your stamp with alcohol first then a bit of water. 


Lastly for some added interest I used Versamark ink to stamp Those Who Believe in Magic , embossed with fine white powder, and heat set.  I backed it with a piece of the black cardstock and a piece of Brutus Monroe Not Your Mama's Cardstock.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog today!  Let me know if you give this technique a try!  Please shop for all the products used here today from Del Bello's Designs!

Del Bello's Design Team
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Salvia Sweetness

Salvia Sweetness

Using a piece of Salvia from my garden and a piece of Canson XL watercolor paper 4 1/4 x 6 I began the process.

I ran the Salvia through my Sizzix Die cutting machine. The sandwich was exactly the one use for cutting a die.(plate,Salvia,paper,plate). This can be messy just a warning! The liquid inside the stem is pressed into the paper along with an image of the plant!  Remove any pieces of the plant that is stuck on the paper.  Let dry completely.  I kept heavy weighted books on top of the paper over night to flatten the paper.

Using Versafine Clair Nocturne ink I stamped Eden onto the paper. I used my Misti tool because I needed to stamp a few times to get a good image.

Pipin was added in the same manner.

Using a torn piece of paper, blending tool, and Versafine Clair Pinecone ink, I grounded both Pipin and Eden.  I added a few more hills behind them.

I used a 2" acetate circle as a mask along with Versafine Clair Monarch ink,and a blending tool to blend out the moon.

I blended Versafine Clair Pinecone ink around the edges to create some depth.

Lastly, using the Versafine Clair Monarch ink and the stamp, Those Who Believe in Magic ,I finished the card. I did not add any sparkle to this card.  I really wanted the focus to be on the actual pressed plant. I do hope you enjoyed this process.  It is something that I do every summer with different plants from my garden.  I hope this inspires you to give it a try.  Please watch our Facebook group because I will be posting other cards done in this manner, just different plants!  Thanks so much for looking!
Del Bello's Design Team
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Joy That Lasts Forever

Joy That Lasts Forever


Cardstock 3 3/8" x 8 3/8"

Distress Spray Inks

Cling Wrap

Versafine Clair Inks (Nocturne,Monarch,Medieval Blue,Shady Lane,Morning Mist)

Lavinia Stamps(Seeing Is Believing, Pipin, Large Spanish Moss,Josie's single seed, Fairy Buttercups, Keeping Faith)

Sakure Gel Pens (white, clear star)

Wrinkle the cling wrap, spray the cling wrap with the inks, place cardstock on top of cling wrap and press the paper into the ink.  Let dry and remove the wrap.

Using Versafine Clair Nocturne Ink, stamp images (Seeing Is Believing, Pipin)

Use a thin paint brush and the ink to fill in areas that don't stamp well.

Using a 2" diameter acetate moon mask and Monarch Versafine Claire Ink,and a sponge, create the moon.


Stamp the large Spanish Moss at various lengths using the Medieval Blue. Versafine Clair Ink.

Using a torn piece of paper and a sponge, ground Pipin using Shady Lane. Versafine Clair Ink.

Add Fairy Buttercups and Josie's single seed stamp using Versafine Clair Nocturne Ink.

From the bundle of Fairy Bugs, I used the stars along with Medieval Blue Versafine Clair Ink.  Remember to use 2nd generation and sometime 3rd generation stamps for dimension! 

With Morning Mist Versafine Clair Ink and a blending brush, I created depth by inking around the edges of the card.

Again using Morning Mist and the Keeping Faith stamp, I randomly placed the wording.

Last step was to use the Sakura white and clear star pen to highlight areas.  I do hope this brings "Joy" to you!  Thank you for taking the time to view the steps.
Del Bello's Design Team
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