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"Talk Crafty To Me" Series / cards

Talk Crafty To Me  “What Happens With Heat?”

Talk Crafty To Me “What Happens With Heat?”

Created by Barbara Nicolato, (Nic’s Knacks) Del Bello’s Design Team member.

The purpose of this Talk Crafty To Me Video is to show the effect of heating three different crafting pastes.  I’ve mixed mica powders into all three of the pastes, applied them to a stencil and then applied heat with a heat tool.  The dimensional effects achieved are amazing and I think you will enjoy seeing it. Showing all three effects made this video a bit longer than my usual, however it is less than 13- minutes and worthwhile viewing. The materials I’m using are listed underneath the YouTube video and most can be purchased from DelBellosDesigns.com

Del Bello's Design Team
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