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PanPastel Blending Tools by Sofft

Sofft tools have been specifically developed for use with PanPastel soft pastels. Versatile, inexpensive, and reusable, these tools can also be used with most water-based art and craft materials, including watercolor and acrylic paint, to create exciting new techniques, marks, and effects. Finished effects are different than those achieved with brushes, as the brush stroke is completely eliminated. Invented by artists, for artists, this is a new generation of tools and applicators for artists and crafters. Each product in the Sofft range was developed in a laboratory setting, and extensively test and re-tested in an art studio. This has resulted in a selection of unique professional quality artists tools. The shape of each Sofft tool has been designed for a specific purpose, ranging from achieving fine details and gestural marks for quickly blocking in large areas of color, such as backgrounds. In addition, the tools are perfect for difficult to reach places on craft projects. Sofft tools enable a more direct connection with the working surface, making it easier to control and predict the final marks achieved. They instantly feel comfortable to use, and many users find them easier to use than a brush. Sofft Tools can be used with a variety of mediums, from pastels and charcoal to artists acrylics, watercolors, and ceramic glazes. Theyre great for a wide variety of fine art, craft, and hobby applications, including applying gesso, smoothing polymer clay, painting, paper crafts, scrapbooking, stenciling, rubber stamping, model making, and ceramics.