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Stamp Platforms


Product type
Product rating count
Acrylic Peg, Shorty 30mm Diameter by Card-io
0.9 oz
Magnetic Bars by Nellie's Choice
1.0 oz
Original MISTI Mouse Pad Insert by My Sweet Petunia
1.2 oz
Acrylic Stamping Board, 3.9" x 3" by Lavinia Stamps
1.5 oz
Acrylic Peg, 20mm Diameter by Card-io
1.0 oz
Original MISTI 2.0 Stamping Platform by My Sweet Petunia
1.5 lb
Acrylic Peg, 25mm Diameter by Card-io
1.8 oz
Acrylic Stamping Boards, Set of 6 by Lavinia Stamps
3 in stock
1.2 lb
Acrylic Stamping Board, 4.9" x 4.9" by Lavinia Stamps
2.8 oz
Acrylic Peg, 12mm Diameter by Card-io
0.3 oz
Acrylic Stamping Board, 5.9" x 2" by Lavinia Stamps
1.5 oz
Acrylic Stamping Board, 11.6" x 8.3" by Lavinia Stamps
10.3 oz
Acrylic Stamping Board, 8.5" x 3.2" by Lavinia Stamps
3.0 oz
Plastic Polish, 8 ounces by Novus
9.9 oz
MIS-T Ruler by My Sweet Petunia
4.0 oz