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Low Tack Stencil Tape, Single Roll by Sweet Poppy Stencils
1.9 oz
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, 4 ounces by Art Institute Glitter
6.0 oz
Ultrafine Metal Tip by Art Glitter
0.1 oz
Bonding Powder by WOW!
0.6 oz
Bonding Powder by WOW!
$3.25 USD $4.50 USD
Bippity Boppity Glue by Lavinia Stamps
2.9 oz
Spare Needles (Pins) with Ball Tips, 50 Pieces by Nellie's Choice
0.4 oz
Effectz Dimensional Paste, White by Sizzix
9.5 oz
Effectz 3D Adhesive, 100ml by Sizzix
4.9 oz
Masking Tape, Purple by Duck
2.4 oz
Washi Tape, Belle Fleur, 2 Pack, by Craft Consortium
1.1 oz
Masking Tape, White by Duck
2.4 oz
Effectz Expand Paste, White by Sizzix
6.5 oz
Masking Tape, Light Blue by Duck
2.4 oz
Masking Tape, Black by Duck
2.4 oz
Masking Tape, Red by Duck
2.4 oz